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Throughout their illustrious career running restaurants and cafés, Limpet and David have create a strong culinary heritage that combines the best of British and Mediterranean ingredients, to produce fresh and outstanding dishes that change as the seasons unfold. 


You often hear the phrase “ingredients driven” these days, but in our case it’s no idle boast - we source from the best of the London markets for our fruit and veg, meat, fish & game. Relationships have been forged over many years that ensure we get the cream of the crop and its no surprise to learn that the end results have garnered many compliments and awards.


They also have extensive experience of catering both here and abroad:

      • Dinner parties

      • Birthdays and weddings 

      • Corporate events and product launches

Right beside the Regent's Canal

at The Ragged School Museum

46-50 Copperfield Rd,

Mile End,

E3 4RR

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